Monday, March 1, 2010

Closing Ceremonies, but it is only the beginning...

Today we celebrated the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games! We had a fantastic two weeks of studying the Winter Games. We learned so much and met so many of our friends! We are looking forward to talking with Kellie Stack, 2010 Silver Medalist in US Women's Hockey. We will be talking with her with Ms. Van Eman's class. We were able to meet children in Kansas City, Texas, and Amelia. We compared and contrasted our graph and made LOTS of observations. We also found out interesting facts about the Olympic rings, Canada, and the various athletes. We also wrote about our favorite sport and athlete. It was overwhelming in my class with Shani Davis being their favorite. We loved speed skating. Many children also liked snowboarding with Shaun White. Even though the Olympics have come to a close, we are just beginning our technology journey. We will be continuing to Skype with our friends throughout the month.

I want to say thank you to Mrs. Crouch who provided an Olympic surprise to the PM class today. We had Olympic cookies and gold medals! I must say I have been very proud of all the children in both classes...I have received many compliments from our friends on how respectful you have been! You are all great children and deserve a Gold medal!
I am looking forward to our other fun units of study!

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