Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learning Overflow...Graphing Fun...

It was an overflow of learning in the classroom the past two day. We have been having fun graphing! The children came up with their own surveys to ask everyone in the room and took th information and made a graph. The children were loud and moving quickly throughout to get to their friends to find out information. If anyone peeked into our room, you would wonder what was happening; however, if you asked the children what was happening they would say "We are graphing," "We can find out information," "We can ask questions," and much more. I was AMAZED by how much the children have learned about surveys and graphs. I was further AMAZED by their math thinking. The children were telling me certain pieces were "equal" or "I only need 3 more of something to have the most." Angel stated "Oh my goodness, this is so much fun! Look at my graph." Grady mentioned "I cannot wait to find out what my friends think." Trenton said "Can we call our friends at Amelia and ask them?" In addition, the children had to practice their writing as they wrote their question and the chioces. It was an overflow of learning because we were able to learn so much!

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