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Pearson SuccessNet:

What is Reading Street?
Reading Street is a comprehensive literacy/language arts curriculum published by Scott Foresman.  Reading Street is comprehensive because it hits on all areas of early literacy skills.  Students are engaged in phonemic awareness (hearing and identify sounds), phonics (looking at letters and identifying their sound), vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

What can I do at home?
Pearson SuccessNet will be your at home area where you can access various reading street materials to enhance the learning experience.  This site has a lot of resources for you to use with your child and you can access the stories we are reading.  You will be able to view some of the exciting components Reading Street has to offer.  You will be receiving a log-in in September/October to be able to access the information.

How does Reading Street meet my child's needs?
Reading Street has three main components for each child.  The children will have a whole group piece where we will meet together and have a read aloud.  During the read aloud we will work on vocabulary words, identifying sight words, and answer comprehension questions.  In addition, the children will have a small group twice a day.  In this small group children will work on specific skills needed to master the early literacy skills.  This will include alphabet knowledge, sounds, sight words, etc.  Finally, children will work in independent/small group centers.  These centers are provided for the children to work on developmental skills with a small group of children.  The centers include alphabet work, art, writing, reading, and computers.

How do you assess my child?
Reading Street is broken up into 6 units and each unit has 6 weeks of study.  At the conclusion of each week children will be monitored on their progress.  In addition, at the end of each unit the children are assessed.  These assessments will help me pinpoint the needs of your child.  This will inform me of my instruction in small groups and questions I will focus on asking your child during whole group.  You will be notified of how your child is progressing through your child's report card each 9 weeks.  Furthermore, you will be notified of your child's progress through various papers coming home.  Please check your child's communication folder each night for important papers.