Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reading Fun...

As I was observing Mrs. Duncan today during reading it amazed me how much the children have learned! It was great to observe and it gave me time to reflect upon the year. It seems like yesterday we walked through the door for the first time and we started our study of letters and sounds. We have come from identify just beginning sounds to identifying beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Many children are beginning to blend words together and can read simple books. Furthermore, the children are thinking about their reading and telling me what happened in the story. I also noticed an area where we need further practice. The children are getting confused with the letter q. The letter at times has a hook and does not and the children need to be able to identify both. You may want to practice this letter at home along with the letter p. This will help them distinguish the two letters. Keep up the great is great to have your children reading to you and you reading to them!

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