Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Faces...

We will have some new faces in the classroom in the upcoming week! In addition to Mrs. Duncan, we will have two more student teachers joining us from March 29 to the end of the school year. Mrs. Duncan will be with us through the end of April. Ms. Sizler and Ms. Hildebrand will be in our classroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Ms. Sizler will join the AM class and Ms. Hildebrand will join the PM class. These two students are in their junior yeat at the University of Cincinnati and are majoring in Early Childhood Education. They will be designing various lessons for small and whole group. Ms. Sizler and Ms. Hildebrand will not be taking over full teaching responsibilities, but will conduct various lessons. Just like Mrs. Duncan, I will be reviewing their lessons and will be in the room with them while they are teaching. I will be helping and providing feedback. I am looking forward to working with these students and having them help your children!

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