Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August is Here...

The summer is winding down faster than I can believe. Next thing I know I will be starting to set up the classroom and getting ready for the kids to arrive! I am quite excited to get the children in the classroom and begin teaching in our wonderful learning space. I know everyone will love it. I had a meeting this morning at the building and had the opportunity to walk down and see our space and I placed a few pictures of the room (check out the link to the left). I'm excited about getting in there and adding my touches to the room to make it fantastic!

As we continue towards the beginning of school take some time to make sure your child can recognize his/her's first name, recognize a few letters, write/attempt first name, button/zip pants, and just enjoy reading to them! If your child can do more, that is great!

I cannot wait to meet all their smiling faces on the first day and I am sure your smiling faces will have tears of joy as they head off to school!

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