Saturday, August 28, 2010

Almost Time...

Well I must say I am getting eager for the start of school! It should be an exciting year with all the changes. We have TONS of technology, which should only enhance your child's learning. In addition, our space is perfect for learning. In addition, we have a new teacher joining us at WT (Miss Todd)! She will be teaching an AM class and then unfortunately she will have to travel to Merwin to teach a PM class. I have met with her throughout the summer and I am thrilled to have her as a co-worker. We have a fantastic gym for physical education, an art room that is unbelievable, the music room (I wish I could have her room) is awesome with a huge bay window, and a media center perfect for library.

We will have an open house on September 2. I will be there from 6-7:30. You are more than welcome to stop by to see the kindergarten classrooms. We will have a more "formal" open house on September 9 beginning at 6. As a reminder we have made some changes to how we are doing the kindergarten class lists this year. Here is a reminder of how we will be working this new system: Some of you may have realized when you went to school to find out your child's teacher the kindergarten list was not posted. Assigning children to classrooms is a difficult task and when we design the class lists we try to get an even mix of gender, ability, behaviors, etc. in each of the classrooms; however, with kindergarten it is a toss up because your child has not been to our school. Therefore, we have decided to try something new this year! We are going to wait three days into school before we make classroom assignments. You may be thinking this is odd, but we feel this is going to help better serve your child. The first three days of school are staggered for kindergarten children; therefore, your child will only come on Sept. 7, 8, or 9. This one day allows your child time to see the school with just a few other children, it allows us to assess your child's needs, find out a little bit about your child, etc. Once we have met all the children we will then assign your child to a classroom. All kindergartners will start on September 10th in their assigned classroom. This process will allow us to have an evenly mix of children in each classroom. Please do not worry or stress about this process. We will be communicating with you throughout the whole duration of this process. On September 9 the classroom assignments will be posted at 5 and then a parent meeting will occur at 6. After the parent meeting you will be able to visit your child's classroom and meet their teacher. We are very excited about this new process and truly feel like this will best meet the needs of your child! If you have any questions or concerns about this process please feel free to email me or call the school at 943-6900.

I look forward to meeting everyone and beginning our journey of learning with the children!

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