Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Ohio...

These past few days my family and I went on a little 2 day trip to Zanesville, Ohio. I know you may be thinking, "Why Zanesville?" On the eastern side of Zanesville there is a wildlife conservation known as "The Wilds." It was amazing! We took an open air wildlife safari truck trip through the hundreds of acres of nature and pulled right up to some beautiful animals. We saw: Onegars (a type of donkey), Camels (one which walked right up to the truck and started rubbing himself on it to help him shed), Zebra, Rhino's, a Giraffe named Mickey (which we fed), and many more. I highly recommend if you have a day or two to travel to make your way up to Zanesville for this trip. It is just over 3 hours northeast (about an 1 hour east of Columbus). Here are some of my pictures of the trip...I hope everyone is doing some exciting things this summer.

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