Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Changes...

As many of you have heard or read in newspapers, there will be some changes occurring for kindergarten and the school district next year. Kindergarten students will attend full-day, alternating days. This will mean your child will attend school on Monday, Wednesday, and alternating Fridays or Tuesday, Thursday, and alternating Fridays. Currently, the district is working on the calendar as children will need to be at school for a total of 88 days for the school year. In addition, the district is working on which days your child will come to school. This has not been finalized yet.

This will be a learning experience for everyone this year, but I am quite excited about the change as it will give us more instructional time with your child. In addition, it will give us time to not feel rushed with our learning at times in our half-day schedule. We know we will have to work with the children to build their stamina as they will be at school all day and will be eating lunch.

Once I receive more information regarding schedules, calendars, etc. I will forward the information on to you all. Check back later for more information...

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