Thursday, September 30, 2010

Writing, Patterns, and Much More...

This week we all become writers! We received our "Writer's Notebooks" this week and we wrote our first story. Now for kindergarten that is drawing a picture, but it was an exciting moment in our class as we received our special books and wrote the first story. Many children talked about their pet or sports. One child had a great story about a queen and dragon. I absolutely loved this moment. The children were so proud of their worked and did a super job. We then sat in a circle and some of the children shared their stories with the class. We will be working in our Writer's Notebooks about 2-3 times a week. We will be working on drawing a detailed picture, labeling our picture, writing words, forming a simple sentence, and then by the end of the year we will be writing 2 or more sentences about our story. Ask your child about their "Writer's Notebooks" as I feel they are just as excited as I am. Check out a few of these pictures showing the children working!
In Math we worked on making simple patterns with pattern blocks. We made AB and ABC patterns. The children were playing figure out my pattern. They had to guess what was missing in the pattern and explain how the pattern worked. Some children were having trouble explaining. Ask your child why? or how did you know this? when working on homework or when they say something. This helps with explaination which is an important skill in education!

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