Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Fun...

In math this week we have been concentrating on counting objects and recognizing a set. We have been working really hard tagging and making sure we touch each item we count. We also been lining up the objects so we do not count an object twice. Yesterday the children were introduced to the ten frame board to help us count. Children rolled a dice and then placed "spiders" on the ten frame boards to represent the number on the dice. The children worked in pairs to allow for children to begin to develop sharing and teamwork skills. Counting is a key skill to be successful in math. Children need to be able to count a certain number of objects. Futhermore, we want children to be able to recognize a number on the dice without counting it. Any type of game using a dice will help with this skill. We will be working on other "dot" arrangements for these numbers. We want the children to be able to able to take their knowledge and apply it in other formats.

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