Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Days...Delays...What you can do at home...

The weather is still holding us from school or at least the AM class. We have had numerous snow days and delays; therefore, we have lost a lot of learning time at school. There are a few fun things you can do at home with your children to encourage learning. One of the best things to do with your child is to sit and read to them. This helps improve vocabulary and it helps them hear fluent readers. If it is a book they can read, then you can "buddy" read with them. Also, you can check out magazines, newspapers, and books and look for words your child may know. You can also practice the alphabet and sounds! A fun website you should check out is there are a lot of games, stories, and activities you can do.

One of the exciting things to do in math is just work with various numbers. We use a lot of "ten frames" in our class. A ten frame is a rectangle divided into 10 equal squares. The kids then roll two dice and use bears to fill in the ten frame with the respective number. This really helps children begin to develop adding and subtracting skills. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has a fantastic website with web activities for the children. Here is one on ten frames:

I would love to know what you think about the websites...also if you did anything fun over the snow days and delays, share them with me!


  1. Mr. Stahl,

    Wow! Your blog is a great resource for the parents of your students. I agree; sometimes the best thing we can give a child on a snow day is a cuddly spot on the couch with a good book. Here's a website that Donna King (Grade 4 teacher @ Brantner Elementary)recently shared with me. Perfect for kindergartners and their parents. Great books are read aloud by members of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.

    I'll check in with you from time to time. Keep up the good work, Mr. Stahl.

    Tanny McGregor
    West Clermont Curriculum Supervisor

  2. Mr. Stahl,

    Fabulous! The time and energy you put into launching this blog as a resource for your students' parents is a great example of the passion for teaching you pour into your classroom every day.

    Time spent reading with children creates such a strong, positive association with the written word. Your studnts are SO fortunate to have you as their teacher! Great work, Mr. Stahl!

    Gary Brooks, Ed.D.