Monday, October 20, 2014

This Week...

In reading we will be reading "Animals in the Grasslands."  It is one of my favorite non-fiction books we read.  The children will learn about the various animals that live in the grasslands and learn about baby animals.  As we read this story and other stories, we will be identifying the main idea of the text.  We will also be working on sequencing.  The children will also work on sight words, letter names, and sounds.  I am super impressed by the children as they all can identify the first sound of words.  We are working on breaking words into further parts.  This means we are having the children take a word and say the first sound and the rest of the word (bat would be "b" "at" and turtle would be "t" "urtle."

In math we are working with the number 10.  The children will be working on various combinations of 10.  This is beginning the preparation in teaching the children how to add and how to write number sentences.  Yes, the children will be writing addition number sentences in the upcoming weeks!  It is amazing how well the children are doing with the preparation in this skill.

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