Sunday, October 5, 2014

This Week...


This week we will be continuing to work on our sight words (I, am, little, then, a, to, have, is).  We
will be delving in to science with this new reading street unit and reading books about nature, flowers, and animals.  I think the children will love it!  We will be reading "Flowers" and learning about the parts of a plant.  We will also be learning the sound of a.  The children will also learn how to begin blending and reading real and make-believe words.  Some of the words we will learn are: mat, tam, at, sat, ats, tas.  In math, we will be working with numbers 7 and 8.  We are also working on decomposing numbers.  One great site you can go to play a game to help with decomposing numbers and working with 5 frames is:

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