Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Week...

This week we will be learning two new sight words: a, to. This brings the total of sight words to 6 (am, I, the, little, a, to). The children are expected to be able to read the sight words in less than 3 seconds. The children practice this daily during our reading group rotations; however, practice at home is necessary too. In addition, we have completed all the letters of the alphabet. Children are expected to be able to identify all the letters. This week we will begin learning the sounds of the letters. We will focus on the letter Mm. We will concentrate on the sound and the writing of Mm. We will also begin to blend words (this is when children see the letter and start saying the sound). I love this part of kindergarten because the children are able to begin reading words. I am sure you will be amazed in the next couple weeks what your child can do in reading.

In math, we will be finishing up Chapter 2. We have worked hard on comparing numbers 0 to 5. The children have learned the vocabulary words greater (more) and fewer (less) to help be able to compare a set. We also learned how to play a new math game "Number Top-It." I blogged about this game yesterday, check it out! We will prepare to take our chapter test on Wednesday and Thursday. I am sure the children will do great! We have also been working hard on counting. The children are expected to be able to count to 100 at the end of kindergarten. At the conclusion of 1st quarter children should be able to count to 25 to be considered "making progress." I hope you have a great week!

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