Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Learning Continues...

Students are working on "Writing to Sources" from the book "The Little School Bus"

This week we will continue to work on letter identification of letters Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, and Jj. The children are doing pretty well with identification, but some still need to continue to work on identification. We will also continue to work with the words "I" and "am". You may want to put these on flash cards and practice them with your child. Please remember to mix up the order or you can hide them throughout your house and have your child go on a hunt or if you have magnetic letters you can have your child practice building the word on the refrigerator (a cookie sheet works well too). In addition, please continue to work on name writing with your child. This is what we will be focusing on during our writing time.

In math, we will continue to work on showing, counting, and writing numbers 0-5.  Students should be able to model, count, and write to 5 by the end of this chapter.  The homework packet has many great sheets that directly link to our lessons in the classroom and our workbook.
I will also be sending home homework this week.  I have attached a copy of the letter that your child will bring home on Monday or Tuesday!
I cannot wait to see the A group on Monday.  I have missed them!


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