Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rolling On...

In reading this week we will be continuing on with Unit 5 and delving into the question "What kind of transportation helps people do their jobs?" We will explore this question with the book "Trucks Roll." In addition, we will work on the comprehension strategy of comparing and contrasting. We will also review sequencing, characters, setting, and main idea. The children are doing a great job with their comprehension; therefore, we will work with some higher level questioning to deepen our understanding. We do have three new sight words this week. We will be learning: what, was, and said. I am amazed on how well the children are doing with their sight words. They are able to recognize and recall them very quickly. Thank you for your practice at home with this skill. I did notice during my assessment last week some children are having difficulty with their fluency of letters and sounds. We want the children to be able to see a letter and say its name and sound instantanously. The goal at the end of the year is 40 letters in a minute and 28 sounds in a minute. The letter names is the biggest concern. The best way to practice is to go through the alphabet 3-4 days a week for 5 minutes.

The children are doing a great job with the shapes; however, rectangle seems to be the shape which the children are confused on.  They know how to describe and they can identify various sizes of rectangles, but the children are having difficulty remembering the name.  We will work on hexagon on Monday and Tuesday.  We will also continue to review all the shapes.  The children are enjoying exploring how shapes work and what you can make with various shapes.

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