Sunday, April 7, 2013

Back to Learning...

I hope everyone had a fantastic spring break and enjoyed the fantastic weather.  Also, if you traveled I hope you had a safe and fun time with your journey.  I would love to hear about your entire break.  We have ended the 3rd quarter and the 4th quarter is beginning.  Report cards came home right before we left for break on Wednesday or Thursday.  If you have any questions regarding the report card, please feel free to ask.

This week we will continue with Unit 5 and discuss the question "What kind of transportation helps us in an emergency?"  We will be reading the story "Mayday, Mayday."  We will be using this read aloud to be discussing cause and effect.  This will allow the children to have a deeper understanding of the story and build their comprehension strategies.  We will be reviewing all the high frequency words we have learned and concentrating on the words: yellow, green, and blue.  It is imperative to continue to practice all of our sight words and to be practicing all of our sounds.  We will be having our next DIBELS assessment in the middle of May.  I know this seems to be somewhat in the distance, but it will be here before we know it.  The children should be fluent in all areas of reading (letter names, letter sounds, and hearing sounds in words).  We will use these scores for report cards and determining your child's next steps.  We are asking for you to practice for about 5-10 minutes nightly.  We will be sending home practice sheets at the end of each week.  Please look for these in your child's folder and it should only take less than 3 minutes to practice.

In math, we will continue to work on geometry.  The children are doing a great job on identifying and describing shapes.  The children have to be able to identify square, circle, triangle, rectangle, and hexagon.  In addition, the children need to be able to understand 2 dimensional (I refer to this as something that is flat).  One of the best ways to practice identifying and describing shapes is to just play with the shapes.  We want the children to explore how shapes work and how they can work together.

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