Monday, February 18, 2013

The Fun is Continuing...

I hope the children enjoyed their time off of school.  I know the A class only comes on Wednesday this week and the B class only came once last week; therefore, we are continuing our learning from last week.  This allows the children to have all the same lessons as each other.  We will work with the story "My Lucky Day" in Reading Street.  We will also be concentrating on final sounds in words.  Children should be able to isolate the last sound in a word and tell you the corresponding letter.  One area Mrs. Franz and I have found to be troublesome for some of our children are the sight words.  These words are progressively becoming harder and next week we have new ones.  Please make sure to take 5 - 10 minutes to practice sight words, especially on the "off days."  This will allow the learning to continuing and to allow your child more practice on these words.  We will send home a full list of all sight words up to date this week for your reference.

In math, we are working with teen numbers and building numbers.  Children should be able to read and write numbers to 20 and be able to compare these numbers.  This helps us as we will begin addition and subtraction in the coming weeks.  We want this skill to be "automatic;" therefore, your child should be able to see the number and state it in less than 3 seconds (this is the same for letters and sounds).

We will be jumping rope for "Jump Rope for Heart" during recess.  In addition, I encourage everyone to go out and "move" a little.  This is to promote the healthy month of February.  Thanks again for making this such a great year and I am looking forward to the continuation of the year!

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