Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Fun...

Next week we will be having our Valentine's Day celebration. We will need to have all the children bring in valentine's to pass out. All you need to do is to have your child sign each of the valentine's cards. You do not need to have your child write another child's name on them. We will be decorating bags at school; therefore, you do not need to send in a box or anything. We will also be having a snack. The "B" class will have their celebration on February 12 and the "A" class will have their celebration on February 13.

This week we will be moving into Reading Street Unit 4. We have a new question "What can we learn from our adventures?" I think the children will really enjoy this particular unit. We are introducing new sight words "are, do." Some children are still having difficulty with our previous sight words "they, you, of." Please continue to practice these sight words at home as we continue to practice them at school. The expectation is children should be able to say the sight word within 3 seconds of seeing the word. We are working with comprehension by identifying the characters, setting, and main idea. In addition, we work on retelling and sequencing the story. These are all great questions you can ask your child as you read various stories at home with them. We are continuing to work on our writing every morning. Children are suppose to be able to write a complete sentence with spacing, upper/lowercase letters, and punctuation. Most children are doing well. The most common error we have noticed is spacing. The children will start off well, but as the sentence continues their spacing diminishes. We are also requiring the children to write their first and last names on papers.

In math, children will be assessed on modeling numbers up to 20. This entails children to build a random number up to 20 on a double tens frame. The children have practiced numbers up to 10, but we will now work with the “teen” numbers. We are going to continue to work on addition and subtraction. One of the kindergarten skills is to be able to add and subtract fluently; therefore, we want to keep practicing this skill.

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