Saturday, January 26, 2013

Let's Have Fun...

This week we will be continuing with our Reading Street program and reading The Lion and the Mouse.  We will be focusing on the main idea (or theme) of a story this week.  We will also continue to work on blending words.  The children are doing this extremely well and we are impressed with how well they are learning their sounds and words.  Our sight words will remain the same this week (they, of, you).  Please take some time to review all of the sight words nightly for about 5 minutes.  

This week in math we are continuing our work on subtraction.  I have seen improvement with this skill last week.  I did notice some confusion with addition and subtraction and a few children getting these two skills mixed up.  Please continue to work on this skill throughout the week.  We will be having our assessment next week.  Please remember math homework is due this week on Wednesday and Thursday.  Mrs. Franz and I both check to see if the children are turning in homework.  In addition, please make sure you allow your children to do the writing.  We want you to help your child with the learning; however, it is important for them to do the work.

We go to book fair this week on Wednesday and Thursday!  It should be a great time!

Have a great week!

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