Saturday, January 12, 2013

Learning Time...

Last week we had our DIBELS assessment and I was impressed with how well the children did and showed what they know!  You will be receiving their scores later this week or early next week as we finish up a few children who were absent.  In addition, we will review these scores with you at conferences.  If you receive your scores and you have a concern please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will talk with you about it.  Please remember if your child did not make the benchmark this may mean we will want to do some intervention with your child to help them in a particular area.  Furthermore, if your child made the benchmark closely, we may want to continue an intervention because we want your child to be strong in all areas.

We will continue into reading street this week.  We will be focusing on the letter Ff and the sight words look and see.  Another word, which is not a sight word, but is important is and.  We will be introducing this word to the children as well.  We will be continuing our work with story plots (beginning, middle, and end) and the characters in a story.  The children will also be working on their writing.  We are looking for children to have "control" over their writing.  This means the words and letters are on a line, legible, and spacing.  Every morning your child will have a chance to practice this skill.  You can see how your child is progressing when you check their folder nightly.

In math, we are working with subtraction.  We have introduced the vocabulary: subtract and less.  We also spent a day working on the word less and played "Top-It."  This is played like "war," but instead of the winner having the largest number the winner had to have the number who had less.  We also began working on children acting out simple take away stories.  It has been fun watching the children tell these stories and acting them out.  This coming week we will continue to work on these number stories and drawing pictures to represent these number stories.  A new math homework packet will be coming home on Monday and Tuesday.  These packets will be due back at the end of the month.

Have a great week!

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