Friday, November 9, 2012

Report Cards...

Report cards will be coming home today for the B class and Monday for the A class.  Your child can receive a grade of limited progress (L), making progress (M), or proficient (P).  If your child is proficient it means your child can do the skill listed on the report card independently every time.  If your child is making progress it means they are working towards the skill listed, but has not mastered it fully yet.  If your child receives limited progress this would mean your child needs support to meet the skill listed.  The skills listed are end of the year goals; therefore, if your child is making progress (M) that is really good because they are headed to the skill.  Our goal is to have every student proficient in all areas at the end of the year and making progress throughout the year.  We will be discussing the report card more in depth at conferences!

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