Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Excitement...

Explaining how she figured out 8 eggs (she saw a group of 4 and then 4 more)

Explaining how he figured out 10 (he said it looked like a 10's frame and new it was 10)

This week we are going to move on to the letter Cc. We will be working with the children on how to produce a hard Cc sound. On some of their papers, you may notice this written like /k/. The hard Cc sound is comparable to our Kk sound (candy, cup, cat, color). We will work on blending words together, such as, cap, tap, Cam, sap, etc.  In addition to learning the letter and sound of Cc, we will also continue to work with the sight words/popcorn words: like, we, and my.  Our story this week is about Bears.  We will discuss what Bears do during the winter and read the story "Bear Snores On."  The children will also identify what happened first, second, and third in the story through sequencing.

Please continue to practice all letters, letter sounds, and sight words at home. Your continued support and work with your children at home has become very evident in the classroom. We greatly appreciate all of your extra time and effort.

Ideas for Letter/Sound Practice at Home:
1- Have students identify letter names on flashcards.
2- Have students go on a letter hunt in your home to find specific letters.
3- Have students identify letter sounds on flashcards.
4- Have students go on a sound hunt in your home to find specific items that start with a specific sound (a, m, t, s, p, c).
5- Have students begin to practice blending sounds into words. Place three letter cards in front of your child (with a vowel in the middle) and have your child begin to blend the word. Please remember, these do not have to be real words...they can be nonsense/make believe words as well!

In math, we are continuing to work with Chapter 4 and comparing numbers to 10.  The children should be able to identify numbers which are more and fewer or greater and less.  In addition, the children are making 10 with various numbers.  This is just a fancy way of addition facts to 10 without using the symbols.  For example, your child should be able to say 6 and 4 is 10, 7 and 3 is 10, etc.  The math homework goes along with what we are practicing in the classroom.  Please remember math homework is due on November 19 and 20.

Have a fantastic week!

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