Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Fun...More Learning...

This week we will be continuing to work hard on our learning, but also having lots of fun!  Last week we sent home math homework packets for Chapter 2.  These should be returned on October 10th or 11th (depending if you are an A or  B child).  In addition, fundraiser forms should be returned on October 2 or 3rd.  Please make sure you have these turned in and the money collected.  Checks are payable to "WT PTO."

This week we will be continuing our sight words "I, am, the, little."  Please make sure and practice these nightly and have them mixed up.  Also, we will be learning the rest of the alphabet this week.  Children should be able to identify all letters of the alphabet.  Please take 5-10 minutes and practice this nightly.  Mrs. Franz and I have assessed all the children on their alphabet identification and will be sending a sheet home for you to see how your child did on the assessment.  The best method for practicing letters is to only put the ones they know in a pile plus 2 they do not know.  Then go through pile until they can correctly identify all the letters.  Once they identify all the letters add two more they do not know and practice.  You would continue this method until they can identify all 52 letters (this means the uppercase letters and lowercase letters are not on the same card). 

We will be reading "Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip" this week and will be classifying.  We will also review characters, setting, and sequencing.  The children are doing a great job with identifying the characters of a story and the setting.  Sequencing can be tricky because the children are not remembering the beginning, middle, and end in the correct order; therefore, we will continue to work on this skill.

We will also be sending home Chapter 1's math test.  The children did a great job on learning how to take a test.  The one area which we need to continue to practice is number words (one, two, three, four, five).  I expected this to be difficult and we will continue to be working on this.  We will begin Chapter 2 by comparing numbers.  This means children will be able to identify numbers which are larger and smaller with sets less than 5.  We will play various math games to help with this concept and will be using various math tools to help us too.

I hope you have a great week!

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