Sunday, September 2, 2012


I loved meeting all the children on Thursday at open house.  It was a great success and I am lookin forward to the great year!  We have a lot planned for the first week.  It will be busy, but fun :)  I want to thank all the parents in advance for their cooperation and understanding during the first week of school.  It can become hectic and tiresome as you try and help your child get ready and out the door.  One of the best suggestions I had last year from a parent, which helped them, was to hang a calendar and put a sticker on the days your child goes to school.  This allows them to begin to develop an understanding of planning and helps them understand when they come to school.

You may drop off your child beginning at 8:45 in the morning.  You will be able to walk them up to the building; however, you will not be allowed to walk them to the classroom.  This is because every staff member has a duty and teachers will not be in their room.  Mrs. Calhoun, Kdg Assistant, will meet you at the front and escort your child to the Kindergarten spot.  Mrs. Franz will be arriving at 8:55 from her assigned duty.  I will be outside on arrival duty.  You can find me by the service entrance.  This is the side off of 125.  I know this seems kind of crazy, but I promise this does work and it runs smoothly.  In addition, please make sure you have your transportation form filled out!  This is imperative for the end of the day.  We need to make sure we get all children to their assigned spot for dismissal.

All I can say is thank you, thank you for your patience and understanding during arrival and dismisssal.  Please feel free to email, comment, or call with questions or concerns.  I am looking forward to partnering with you this year!

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