Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lots of Fun...

First, I want to ask everyone to please do not let your children wear flip-flop sandals to school. We go outside everyday for recess. The children love to run around and play with their friends. Flip-flops are creating some injuries because the children are tripping over them or not walking correctly and their toes are getting scraped up. Thank you for your help in this matter.

We are continuing to study "how things are built" in Reading Street. We are working on reviewing our sight words. Please remember these words must be read in less than 3 seconds. This should be automatic. A few weeks ago we sent home a list of the sight words (if you need an extra copy please email me and I can send another one home). We are also working hard on our writing. We are working towards two sentences on a page and adding detail. For example, instead of saying "I see the dog," I could say "I can see the big brown dog." We are also working on writing about our reading and learning. We have planted plants at school and are writing about what plants need and other fun facts.

In math, we are continuing to work with addition and subtraction. We are also pairing this with surveys/graphs. We are gathering information and creating a graph. We are analyzing the graph and finding out information.

Upcoming Events:
Field Day: May 29 (B Class) and June 1 (A Class)
Graduation: May 31 (B Class) and June 6 (A Class) at 9:30

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