Sunday, April 22, 2012

This Week in 116...

Children acting out one of our stories!
This coming week will be a fun week.  We will continue to delve into the world of transportation in Reading Street.  We will work with the book "The Little Engine that Could."  The children will work on sequencing, comparing and contrasting, and identifying the main idea.  We will also work with the sight words: what, was, said.  These sight words have been difficult for the children and are easily confused.  Please make sure you take time to practice these sight words. 

In addition, Monday and Tuesday, your child will bring home a letter and a few practice sheets.  This is going to replace homework this week.  There are two sheets of letters.  Your child should practicing reading the letters as quickly as possible.  On the next two sheets your child should practice reading letter sounds.  Your child has the option of reading just the sounds or your child can read the whole word.  As always your child can write stories at home and bring them in to share.  I do love seeing what the children are doing at home!

In math, we will be continuing our work with subtraction.  The children will be assessed on their ability to create a subtraction story and write a number sentence which explains the story.  In addition, we will be checking the chidlren on their ability to write their numbers to 20.  The children are required to create/write a subtraction number sentence and write numbers to 20.

Have a great week!

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