Sunday, April 8, 2012

Online Fun...

I know we are asking for you to do some practice at home with your child; therefore, we wanted to give you a link to a practice site which you could do with your child.  The site has A LOT of links to practice variuos skills.  This  gives you a chance to explore with your child.  Also, the site is for all level of students; thefore, if you are unsure of which site would be appropriate please ask.  It allows for all children to practice something.

This particular site is one full of games (reading and math).  One of my favorite games is letter bingo.  This allows for children to practice upper and lowercase letters.  In addition, it helps children practice listening because the computer only says the letter once (if you are not listening, then you will miss it).

This site is one we use in the classroom quite a bit.  It is Starfall.  This particular site has portions which allows children to practice reading and decoding words.  It also allows children to practice simple letter sounds and names.  This site is also kid friendly and does not need much adult help (I recommend you be with your child as they are on the computer to help answer questions and troubleshoot).

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