Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring is here...

This week in Reading Street we will be springing into a new and exciting adventure. The question of the week is, “What kind of adventure can you have in the city?” Our city adventure will provide us with new amazing words, a new song, and fun classroom extensions!

We will begin the week reviewing our three sight words. Our words for the week are: here, from, and go. The sight words will continue to become more difficult as we come to the end of third quarter and begin the fourth quarter. We greatly appreciate you for continuing to work at home with your child! We have seen a huge difference in the sight word assessments – so thank you for all of your help!

In writing this week, the children will continue to practice story writing! As mentioned last week, we had started to discuss ideas of topics or events that we could write a story about. The children shared many very creative ideas! Last week, it was very fun to see their creative minds kick into high gear with their stories! This week, each student will have their own book and they will be writing and illustrating their own story. While writing, they will not only be focusing on transferring their story to paper, but they will be using proper sentence structure (a capital letter at the beginning, two finger spaces, and punctuation at the end)!

This week in math, the children will continue to work on their addition! We will work not only with story problems (with pictures), but also the number line! The students have been doing a phenomenal job with addition and we are eager to see them continue to grow!

We will start new centers this week! The centers will be:
-Writing Center: Students will create their own story. Each story will include a beginning, middle, and end. Students will also focus on writing complete sentences!

-Math Center: Students will complete a “Spring Addition Book”. After completing this book, they will have the opportunity to review the concept of measurement in their “Spring Measurement Book”.

-Library Center: Students will select a book from our classroom library. Students will then complete their library center book report. Each student will identify the title of the book, characters in the story, and their favorite part of the story.

-Computer Center: Students will use 21st Century skills to complete selected computer activities.

The children have a great deal of learning to do this week! We hope you have a wonderful week!

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