Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Week's Fun...

This week, we will continue our work with the letter Ii.  The children did very well with the short Ii sound last week and we are looking forward to creating more words to blend with the letters we have learned.  Our sight words/popcorn words will remain the same this week, “for” and “he”.   Please practice these words, and previously learned sight words/popcorn words, with your children at home!  It should take them no more than 3 seconds to identify the words.

We will be extending our work with segmentation this week and continuing to bridge this into our writing.  Last week, we saw some amazing writing in our writing centers.  The students are beginning to segment the words and write the sounds that they hear.   Please remember when you are looking at their work, it is developmentally appropriate for children to only hear the first and/or last sound of a word.  Some children may be able to hear and write the middle sound too, but remember this is the last sound the children hear!

In math, we will be introducing the concept of 3 dimensional shapes.  On Monday/Tuesday, children will be introduced to the sphere.  For many children, this is an easy shape for them to relate to as they have experience with baseballs, basketballs, tennis balls, toy balls, etc.  On Wednesday/Thursday, children will be introduced to the cube.  Again, many children can relate to this shape as they have experience with building blocks, cereal boxes, wrapped present boxes, etc.  To extend their learning, you can have your child sort different 3 dimensional shapes found in your home!  This is a fun way for them to learn and play at home!  As we learn our 3 dimensional shapes, we will be comparing them to our previously learned 2 dimensional shapes! 

As a class, we will also continue counting to 50.  Counting will be done daily, as children need to be able to count to 50 by the end of the second quarter.  Please encourage your child to count at home!  The more practice they have, the better counters they will become!

We have been completing many 2nd quarter assessments over the past few weeks and we are very pleased with the progress we are seeing.   Thank you, again, for all of your extra support at home and continuing to review activities/lessons with them at home when they are absent!

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