Friday, December 2, 2011

Great Bobcats...

As a district and a school we discuss how to be a buddy and not a bully.  In addition, at W-T we have have a bobcat pledge, which we recite and discuss.  The Bobcat Pledge is:

I will be responsible for my own actions.
I will be respectful to classmates and adults.
I will take pride in my work.
I will stop, think, and make a good choice.

When I notice a child following the bobcat pledge they can earn a pom-pom for our jar.  This happens throughout the whole school; therefore, a child can earn a pom-pom from any staff member.  When our jar is completely full, we earn a special surprise.  We were able to fill our jar this week and will be having our surprise today for the 'B' class and next Friday for the 'A' class.  When your child comes home you can ask them "How were you a good bobcat today?"  I am very proud of their hard work thus far this year!

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