Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's Happening in 116...

This week we will begin working on the Mm sound!  Students should be able to correctly identify Mm, make the /m/ sound, and identify words that began with the /m/ sound.  We will also be continuing our work with the concept of a character in a story.  This can be reinforced at home by reading a story with your child at bedtime and then talking with them about the characters in the story.

At this point, your child should be able to identify all of the letters of the alphabet (not all of their associated sounds). If your child is unable to identify all of the letters, please partner with me as we work on this skill. 
We will be working on this skill with your children during reading groups; however, since we are only at school 2-3 times a week, I do need your help and support at home.  If you are able to spend 5-10 minutes every night working on letter identification with your child, it would be a huge help.  

Also this week, we will begin working with the sight words “a” and “to”.  Many of the children are doing very well with the word “little”, but “the” has continued to be a little tricky for them!  Currently, the children have learned 4 sight words (I, am, the, little).  Please continue to review the “Family Ties” throughout the week to reinforce the skills we are teaching in the classroom.

In math, we will be continuing our work with ordering. Children will be working on ordering various objects from smallest to largest, longest to shortest, numbers 1-5, etc. To work with your child on this skill at home, you can: 
1) have your child "order" 3 toys from smallest to largest or largest to smallest
2) have your child "order" groceries (a box of cereal, a can of soup, and a box of raisins) from shortest to longest
3) have your child "order" number flashcards 1-5

REMINDER FOR TUESDAY: Tuesday is picture day.  All students that attend on "B" day will have their pictures taken.  Please send in any picture money on Tuesday.  For the "A" group, students have the opportunity to come in on Tuesday, or they may have their pictures taken on our makeup day.  Please see the handouts sent home last week in your child's blue communicator folder!

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