Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome October...

This week we will be working on the final letters of the alphabet. At the conclusion of the week your child should be able to identify all letters of the alphabet (not their associated sounds). If your child is unable to identify all the letters please partner with me as we work on this skill. I will be working on this with them during reading groups; however, since we are only at school 2-3 times a week, I do need your help. If you are able to spend 5-10 minutes a night that would be fantastic. We will also be working on the sight words of the and little. Many children are doing well with the word little, but the is tricky. Currently the children have learned 4 sight words (I, am, the, little). As you may notice our adopted reading program moves quickly; therefore, please review the "Family Ties" throughout the week to work on the skills we are teaching in the classroom. In math, we are working on comparing and ordering. Children will be working on ordering various objects from smallest to largest, longest to shortest, numbers 1-5, etc. In addition, since we are beginning a new month, you will receive the October math homework calendar. I have also included on this calendar the sight words for reading and I also listed the story of the week. I thought this would be helpful to you all so you know in advance what we will be working on.
Oct. Calendar

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