Thursday, September 22, 2011

Smartboard Fun = Reading Street Fun...

Part of our day is working with the Smartboard to enhance our learning experience.  We use this piece of technology quite a bit during our Reading Street lessons.  Students interact with the correlated lessons.  Reading Street provides daily instruction in phonics, alphabet knowledge, comprehension, and writing.  Students use the Smartboard to listen to stories, interact with stories, and guide them through various learning experiences.  One of our exciting moments is working with sequencing where children sequence the story we read together throughout the week.  All the children were engaged and working together to piece the story back together.  This technology allows me to enhance the experience by pairing real-life instruction with technology for a full real experience (especially since we are in a technology age).

Currently Reading Street is moving through alphabet knowledge and sight words.  In the next week we will begin differentiated groups to allow a full experience for all children.  This will allow us to meet the needs of children who are below level, on-level, and advanced.  Miss Todd and I are looking forward to this experience for your child.  We will provide you with more specific information on how the groupings will work and who will be working with your child.

This year is off to a great start and I am looking forward to continuing to partner with you throughout the year!

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