Friday, July 29, 2011

Reading Street...

This year we will move from Read Well to the Reading Street program. Currently grades 1-5 are utilizing the Reading Street curriculum. This year your kindergartner will have the opportunity to delve into this curriculum. I am quite excited about using this reading program as it is a holistic approach to reading. Every child will receive whole group and small group instruction. It also allows for differentiation for all learners (students who are high achieving, needs some intervention, children with special needs, children who are English language learner, etc.). We will have the opportunity to delve into various media to help us learn how to read and the home-school connection should be overwhelming! I think you will be extremely happy with the rigor provided. It will be a learning curve for everyone as we transition to this program, but I think in the end it will only impact the children in the positive and prepare them to become even better readers!

Check out the "Reading Street" page for more specific information to the program and things you can do at home to enhance their "Reading Street" experience.

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