Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their snow day! During your time off, I would love for the children to take time to write a "story" about what they did during their day. The children should draw a picture and color it, label a couple parts of the picture, and try to write a sentence. The children should use their inventive spelling and segmenting skills to write the sounds they hear. Of course you may help them, but I would like to see it in their handwriting and their ability to use their sounds. I look forward to seeing their stories and we will read these in class in the next day or so when we return.

In addition, I would also love to find out what books you are reading during your time off. Have your child write down their favorite book they read. You can ask them questions as you are reading with them: who is in the story, where is the story taking place, what happened first, second, last, etc.

Enjoy your day! I cannot wait to see the children when we return!

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