Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reading Fun...

We are having a blast this week reading various gingerbread books. We are working on predicting what is happening and also sequencing the events in the story. We have read "The Gingerbread Man" and the "Gingerbread Baby." We took a survey today and the children decided "The Gingerbread Man" was their favorite. We have two other books we will be reading, which I think will turn out to be their favorites. One is "The Gingerbread Cowboy" and the other is "The Gingerbread Girl." I am really excited about reading these books. The children are loving listening to them and they are doing a great job sequencing.

We are also working on sight words. A sight word is a word the children read within 3 seconds. If they are unable to read the word within the allotted time, then it is not considered a sight word. The best way to practice these words at home are on flash cards. You can also have your child write the word with crayons, markers, and even in the snow. The words we have learned thus far are: see, said, I'm, I, and, the.
Happy Reading!

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