Sunday, May 23, 2010

On our way...First Grade...

Well on Friday, May 28th it will be official…your child will be a first grader. It is amazing the year has come to an end and thinking back to how much they have learned this year. I first think back to the first few days in August and think…wow…some were just “babies.” I also think back to many of the children could not even recognize and write their name, recognize their letters and numbers, and did not even know what to do at school. The children throughout the year have learned not only their letters, but have become readers. All the children have met the end of the year Read Well goal of unit 10 and can read/blend basic three letter words. Some of the children are already reading early literature books. I have seen a huge growth in writing. The children came into school scribbling or just writing random letters. All the children can write a simple sentence and may be even two. It has spaces, capital and lowercase letters, and punctuation. In math, we have gone from sorting and patterning to adding and subtracting and thinking about numbers. All I can think of is one word for this year…AMAZING!

I can honestly say I have been lucky to teach your child this year and I have learned from them too. I have enjoyed coming in everyday to see their smiling and innocent faces eager to learn. I look forward to watching them in the hallway next year as first graders and watching them grow! Thank you for all of your hard work this year at home because without your dedication this year would not have been a success!

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