Monday, May 10, 2010


We had our DIBELS assessment today.  The kids did a fantastic job showing what they have learned in reading.  There are three scores you will receive.  The first assessment is Letter Naming Fluency.  This is where there are a set of random letters and the chidlren have 1 minute to name as many as possible.  The benchmark for the spring is 40 letters per minute.  The second assessment is phoneme segmentation.  This assesses if the chidlren are able to hear the sounds in each word.  For example, if I would say "mop," the child would say the three sounds /m/ /o/ /p/.  The children have to be able to produce 35 phonemes in a minute.  The final assessment is Nonsense Word Fluency.  The children are shown a page of three letter words and the children have to read each sound or read the whole word.  The children have to produce 25 sounds in a minute. 

Overall, you should be EXTREMELY proud of your child.  They "ROCKED" today! 

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