Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Peek into this Week...

We will be reading Dig, Dig, Digging this week.  The children will work on classifying and categorizing (sorting).  I think the children will love this book as it deals with construction and machines!  We will be working with learning the letter sound of Tt.  The children should know the sound of Mm when shown the letter card of m.  If children are excelling, we are working on all the letter sounds and blending of words.  If your child is having difficulty, we are working with letter names and the sound of m.

We will begin to work with numbers 6-10.  The children will work on building and modeling the those numbers.  In addition, we will learn how to read the number words for 6-10.  We will continue to practice greater and less than.  I assessed the children on Thursday and I noticed many children had a difficult time with less than.  Children will be bringing home their assessments tomorrow.

It is important to note the end of the quarter is Oct. 24 and the children should be able to name all their letters and know approximately 6 sounds.  In math, children should be able to count to 25 (100 by the end of the year) and write their numbers to 10 (20 by the end of the year).

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