Monday, January 20, 2014


We are beginning the 3rd quarter this week (oh how time flies when we are having fun).  We have completed all of our assessments for the 2nd quarter and report cards will be coming home in the next week. In addition, your child will receive one of three scores on their report card.  The three scores are proficient (P), making progress (M), or limited progress (L).  This basically means if your child can do the assigned skill listed with no help he/she will receive a P, if he/she is making progress towards the skill listed they will receive a M, or if he/she is unable to complete the skill independently or is not making progress then your child will receive a L.  Please do not be discouraged if they receive an "L" because progress may have been made.  We will discuss this more at conferences.

This week we will be continuing on in our reading street and discussing the differences between today and long ago.  This always allows for some great conversations to occur about what we had awhile ago to what we have today.  You may want to take some time and talk about how school was different for you.  We will continue to work on blending words.  The children are doing this extremely well and I am impressed with how well they are learning their sounds and words.  We have three new sight words this week (they, of, you).  I have noticed the word "like" and "me" have been somewhat difficult for the children.  Please take some time to review the sight words nightly for about 5 minutes.  We are working extremely hard on our writing too.  The children need to be able to write a sentence with spacing, upper/lowercase letters, and punctuation by the end of kindergarten.

This week in math we are going to work on subtraction.  The children will be working with numbers up to 5.  We will practice drawing a picture and crossing out what we are subtracting. We will then move into writing number sentences. I did notice the number sentence is what confused many children during the addition chapter. Please take time to review number sentences. You also have probably noticed that your child has been bringing home unfinished or partially finished math pages. This is for you to do at home and review what we are doing in class.

Have a great week!

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