Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week of Learning...

This week we are moving into Unit 5 of Reading Street. The big question that the children will be focusing on is “How do people and things get from here to there?” This new unit will introduce the concept of transportation. In this section of Reading Street we anticipate that the children will be excited to talk about different forms of transportation they have seen in the community, on television, or the computer. We are eager to access prior knowledge to engage the children in the question of the week, “What are different ways of going places?” We know the children will have a lot of ideas before learning this lesson, and we plan to build on the student’s prior knowledge and experiences.

With our new unit comes six new transportation words plane, jetway, subway, tunnel, ferryboat, and sidecar! These words will be taught through the story Max Takes the Train and reinforced with pictures and a song.

The sight words this week are changing to yellow, blue, and green. It is unbelievable how many sight words your child has learned! Our word wall at school is filling up and we are very proud of the children. Thank you for continuing to practice with your child at home!

We will begin Chapter 9 in Go Math!  This chapter begin the exploration of geometry.  The children will identify and describe various shapes.  Many of the children know shapes, but we will concentrate on the description of shapes, sorting shapes, and talking about the shapes.  There are 5 shapes which we will work with: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, and hexagon.  Rectangle typically is the hardest shape for the children.

Thank you for your continued support!

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