Monday, November 7, 2011

Report Cards...

This past Friday concluded the 1st quarter.  We have completed all the required assessments and you will receive your child's report card at the conclusion of the week or beginning of next week.  One change has been made to our report card.  We are no longer using AP/NP to report grades.  The district has made a decision to use Y/N to report grades as yes or no.  When you receive your child's report card you can look at the required skill and then next to the skill will be either a Y or N.  If your child receives a Y, this would mean your child can do the skill as listed without any assistance.  If your child receives an N, this would mean your child cannot complete the skill as listed.  Your child may have progressed throughout the quarter; however, they may still have not yet met the required skill.  For example, all children need to be able to identify 13 uppercase letters and 13 lowercase letters.  Your child may have progressed, but if they are unable to identify 13 letters, then they would receive an N.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email.  I will also be taking time at conferences to review the report card with you.

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