Monday, April 25, 2011

Excitement is Growing...

We are beginning our plant unit! The children are quite excited. We read "I'm a Seed" to learn how to identify the parts of a plant. We also learned what plants need to survive. We will be planting our own seeds tomorrow and will observe how they change. Each child will have the opportunity to plant various seeds. It should be neat to see the roots since we will be using clear cups and most of the time we never see roots. I cannot wait to see the children make their observations and begin to notice the differences between the plants each child plants. The children will need to make sure their plant is in the sun and to give it water! Ask your child about plants and if you are out and see some plants, take some time to use some of your five senses to observe them. In addition, feel free to comment about our planting and any suggestions you may have!

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