Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We're Off Sledding...

This week we have been reading winter stories relating to snow and snowmen. At the beginning of the week we read "Snowballs" by Lois Ehlert. The story is about a snow family. Next, we made snowmen, snow girls, snow dads, snow moms, etc. We discussed labeling and how this helps people understand our pictures. Therefore, we labeled our snow person. We will continue our discussion of winter by reading "When It Starts to Snow." This book is about a child who goes around and asks various animals what they do when it snows. We will use this concept with our writing about what we do when it snows. This is where your pictures you have sent in will help! If you have not sent in your pictures, please do so when you have them. You can email them to me if you wish and I will take care of getting them printed!

Check out our fun snow people...


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